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External Frail Systems

All of our External glass racks are manufactured from high quality 3mm aluminium, 70% EPDM rubber extrusions and fixings from the highest quality galvanised metal. They are built with safety and efficiency in mind and have been load tested to a safe carrying weight of 75kg per upright. For example, a system built for a Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDi has 8 uprights, thus giving a safe carrying load of 600kg. Our External systems can be powder coated to any standard colour to match your vehicle.

Examples of our Pole Securing System and our Folding Baseboard System are shown below, we are also able to offer a removeable system for users that only require occasional use of an external glass carrying frail. Full details including a video can be found at the bottom of the page.


Pole Securing System

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1. Glass is secured to our external racks by the pole system. Again these are made from high quality aluminium
and rubber.


  2. The poles offer tremendous flexibility
with each pole offering 25 different fixing
positions. The rubber extrusions offer
numerous additional fixing positions
to carry glass in a safe and secure manner.
  3. The poles are secured at the
top of the frail using a spring
tension system.
  4. The pole then simply clicks into
the most suitable slot on the baseboard
to secure the glass.
  5. The glass is now held securely in
place by the pole and rubber extruder.
  6. External frails are available in a variety of sizes for any make and model of van


Folding Baseboard System

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1. Our heavy duty frail system is made with an extra wide baseboard which can be folded up when not in use. Ideal for large frames and units.

  2. Made from aluminium and rubber, the frail utillises a 'tie-on' system to secure units in place.
  3. The baseborad is secured by a heavy duty spring tensioned clamp to ensure it does not come loose during travel.   4.



Removeable Frail Systems

These are the same quality frails that we use for our pole securing system but we use a simple anti-loose fastening system to enable the whole frail to be removed in a matter of seconds. Perfect if you only need the use of an external frail on an occasional basis.

click images for a larger view      
Watch our video below to see how easy it is to detach and re-attach to your vehicle.

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